Introducing Barbara Cameron, Food & Travel Photographer

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Me on top of a mountain! | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Introducing Barbara Cameron, Food & Travel Photographer

2018 is the year I, Barbara Cameron, make a big quantum leap and transition from freelance commercial photographer to global food & travel photographer and blogger. I am giddy with excitement and nerves! I’ve always dreamed of this and finally, now that I’m a grandma, I’m going for it!

Going For The Breakthrough

Yes, I am ready for a breakthrough! In his book titled “You2”, Price Pritchett talks about making a “…quantum leap. You become you2. Instead of accepting circumstances or being content with gradual improvement, you go for a breakthrough.”

Making a Quantum Leap

Pritchett goes on to say, “Quantum leaps require you to abandon the status quo. Instead of once again trying what you have always done, maybe with even more intensity and determination, ignore the usual. You2 requires an abrupt change in behavior. You must do something new!

Jump Here | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer and blogger

Jump Here! I did and now I’m a Food & Travel Photographer & Blogger!

Announcing my New Normal

Drumroll please!!!

As of now, I am officially a Food & Travel Photographer & Blogger. There, that’s it! My big breakthrough. My new normal. My new gig. My new… everything!

Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Barb on the ground in Portugal. Photo taken by Arlette Hatcher

How Did I Get to The Jumping Point?

I was 18 years old and had big dreams of travelling the world. My mom encouraged me to go to school in Paris, France. There was/is a university there where I could do a French-immersion first year university program that I could transfer anywhere else. I was more than intrigued and set about to earn enough money to fund my dream.

Paris Love Lock | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Paris Love Lock

Then I fell in love.

Traded my travel dreams for romance, marriage and motherhood. No regrets, mind you! Now I have two amazing adult children and two super-special grandchildren. Lots of love going around here.

And now it’s my time. Now I can be a travelling grandma, and still realize my dream.

Proceed as if success is inevitable | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Proceed as if success is inevitable!

Thinking Into Results

Recently I have thoroughly enjoyed studying a course created by Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher called “Thinking Into Results”, a process for radical personal transformation. The main lesson in this process is that you CAN be, do or have anything you want, guaranteed!

And I want to travel the world to capture and share my travel experiences in photos and words. So I will! And I CAN!
Barbara Cameron | Visual Storyteller

Barbara Cameron, Visual Storyteller

I Am a Visual Storyteller

Even though I didn’t study in Paris (yet), I did get a BA in Communications Studies from the University of Calgary. In fact, I won the gold medal for being the top graduating student in my class! So I know I can write, but I never did it publicly, just for clients. Here I go taking a quantum leap into the world of travel blogging!

Delicious Food & Wine in Maui, Hawaii | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Delicious food & wine in Maui, Hawaii

I got my first camera at age 16, a Canon rangefinder. It was a birthday gift from my sister and although it came as a bit of a surprise, it didn’t take long for me to realize I had a bit of a photographic eye, and I was hooked. Fast forward many years and I decided to turn my hobby into a profession when I took the Photography Certificate training at SAIT.

I Love Food & Wine, Photography & Travel

So why not combine all three passions into a career?

Read more about me here…

Welcome to my remote year as a "Food & Travel Photographer and Blogger" | Barbara Cameron

Welcome to my remote year as a “Food & Travel Photographer and Blogger”

Remote Year Is My Diving Board

Participating in Remote Year gives me an entire year to explore this big old world of ours, tasting, sipping and photographing my way through 12 different countries. And I get to share my experiences with you in this travel blog.

Join me on my journey as a digital nomad! | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Join me on my journey as a digital nomad!

What Will I Write About?

My goals in creating this travel blog and sharing my photos and words are to:

  • dig deep into new places & cultures and share my observations
  • inspire your own wanderlust
  • explore food from around the world; what are the tastes, ingredients and cultural norms that are the essence of a location?
  • share lessons I learn along the way, such as how to prepare for a year of travel, travelling do’s and don’ts, photography tips & tricks, blogging and social media practices that work or don’t work, what being a digital nomad is really like
  • share other resources that I use and recommend

How Will I Get Paid to Travel?

No, I don’t have a trust fund or a sugar-daddy and I haven’t won a lottery. I have to earn a living just like you do. The only difference is that I will be earning it as a digital nomad instead of being in one place.

Like all travel bloggers and digital nomads, the key is creating and receiving multiple streams of income. That’s not a new concept for me, I’ve been doing it for years, although I’ve always been in one place at a time. That’s all about to change!

So as I travel the world and capture it in photos and words, I expect to earn my living through:

  • stock photography sales
  • freelance food & travel photography services
  • freelance writing for travel publications and tourism organizations
  • affiliate commission for resources I use and recommend; see my disclosure policy
  • and I may create teaching resources that I can sell, such as how-to e-books and video courses


Do You Want to Journey With Me?

2018 is the year I make a big quantum leap and transition from freelance commercial photographer to global food & travel photographer and blogger.

Want to join me?


    • Barbara Cameron

      Thanks Peter! It’s about time, and it’s all very exciting, as you know, being an avid travel photographer yourself.

  1. Janet

    We are so very excited for you Barb. You are going to have a year of beautiful adventures and experiences. Already I’m envious of the sites, the food and cultures you’re going to experience. You’re going to be a very busy …. and a very happy girl.

    • Barbara Cameron

      Thank-you Janet! I agree, it’s going to be a year of amazing adventures. I’ll be sharing as much as I can along the way.

  2. Bonny Watkins

    Hey Barb, what a great story. You are going to have a fantastic year. Luck? You’re not going to need it. Your photos are crazy good and I know you are going to keep busy all year long. This is going to be a great adventure. I will be watching as it unfolds.

    • Barbara Cameron

      Thank you so much Bonny! I appreciate your vote of confidence, and I am excited to share my journey with avid photographers like yourself.

  3. detlef

    It does sound like a quantum leap. But making oneself happy is never easy and always takes work!
    Congrats on making your dreams a reality and I wish you all the best!

    • Barbara Cameron

      Thanks so much Detlef! You’re so right, it takes a lot of work to leap, but when it’s fuelled by passion and purpose, it just makes sense.

  4. Kasandra Sproson

    I love that you are making this happen! Success will be yours and well deserved. Thanks for sharing! You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

    • Barbara Cameron

      Thank you so much Kasandra! It’s a massive undertaking, not for the faint of heart that’s for sure 🙂 But it helps to know that I can inspire others, that’s one of my goals!


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