Author: Barbara Cameron

Is it Weird to Take Travel Photos of Walls?

Travel photos of walls – is it weird or not? How many times have you seen a travel photographer standing close to a wall taking a photo of… well, just the wall? It looks pretty weird, I know. And I know because I have giggled at my own photographer friends doing the very same thing. It’s a good thing they have thick skin and sense of humour because these travel photos of walls have caused a lot of giggles! Recently I began looking through my travel photos from Europe and I started to see a pattern. Well, different patterns,...

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A Big List of Great Things About Portland

Great Things About Portland – My Travels There are so many great things about Portland and the first thing that comes to mind is my first encounter with the city. I think I was about 6 years old the first time I visited Portland, Oregon. It was a family camping trip in one car with 4 kids, 1 big dog and 2 parents who smoked (in the car) and played opera music on the radio. That’s about all I remember from that vacation. And to this day I shudder when I hear opera music! Two years ago my friend...

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12 months as a pro photographer

12 months as a pro photographer: a look back at 2017 It’s fun and interesting to look back and view the images I create as a pro photographer in a year. What follows is a collection of photographs from 2017, images I created both for business clients and for personal fun. What you will see is a real mixed bag. My business work focuses on specific subjects like food photography, architecture photography, corporate headshots and branding, and product photography. But my personal photography covers a broad range of subjects. I hope you enjoy this look back to 2017! January...

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Why professional photos are like blue jeans

The 16-headed jeans shopper The other day I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. The retail shelves were filled with rows upon rows of jeans, in all different styles and prices. It was so hard to choose which pair of jeans would suit me best. So I said to the clerk, “I will just take all of the jeans home, try them all on for size, walk around a bit with them, work in them, and then I will pay you for the pair I like best. I might even pay for more than one pair.” Well,...

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Learn how to take beverage photos like a pro

Photographing Flavours, a new Airbnb Experience, launches in Vancouver I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Airbnb to launch “Photographing Flavours”. It’s a brand new initiative created by the fun folks at Airbnb and just launched in the Vancouver market today! It all started in Barcelona for me… In 2016 I had the pleasure of travelling throughout Europe for 5 weeks. In many places I stayed in Airbnb accommodations. When I finished booking a spot in Barcelona, I was whisked to the website of another company that offered a whole bunch of very cool and interesting tours...

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