Author: Barbara Cameron

Is it Weird to Take Travel Photos of Walls?

Travel photos of walls – is it weird or not? How many times have you seen a travel photographer standing close to a wall taking a photo of… well, just the wall? It looks pretty weird, I know. And I know because I have giggled at my own photographer friends doing the very same thing. It’s a good thing they have thick skin and sense of humour because these travel photos of walls have caused a lot of giggles! Recently I began looking through my travel photos from Europe and I started to see a pattern. Well, different patterns,...

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A Big List of Great Things About Portland

Great Things About Portland – My Travels There are so many great things about Portland and the first thing that comes to mind is my first encounter with the city. I think I was about 6 years old the first time I visited Portland, Oregon. It was a family camping trip in one car with 4 kids, 1 big dog and 2 parents who smoked (in the car) and played opera music on the radio. That’s about all I remember from that vacation. And to this day I shudder when I hear opera music! Two years ago my friend...

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