hospitality photography

Your guests expect a sinfully comfortable bed, gorgeous bathroom, luxury spa, a cool, clear pool, and food and drinks that dazzle the senses. 

You want your content marketing to evoke a feeling so powerful that the viewer imagines being there and books the accommodations to be part of the experience. The end result is “more heads in beds”.

As an acclaimed professional commercial photographer, I know how to get the shots you want, the photos that make people look at your hotel and say, “I have to be there”, with results that get “more heads in beds”.

Hotel Branding Photography

Barbara Cameron is a visual artist, published professional hospitality photographer, writer and world traveler. Barbara’s specialty is to help hotel brands convey the authenticity and essence of their casual luxury hospitality property through:

  • exterior & interior architecture photography
  • food & beverage photos
  • travel lifestyle images

Take the first step toward capturing the story of your hospitality brand.

Travel Brand ~ Hotel ~ Restaurant ~ Food ~ Drinks

Professional Hospitality Photography

Working with Barbara is super easy, she “gets it” and brings flexibility and practicality to every photography project. Her creative can-do attitude, adaptability, dynamic energy and expertise gets the best out of anybody and/or location.

S. MacCallum