Meet Barb

I am a professional photographer and visual storyteller. And I love food & wine, photography, and travel. So why not combine all three passions into a career?

Why food?

I fell in love with food when I started cooking family dinners at 11 years old. During my teenage years and into my business career, I explored the culinary world from cooking gigs in oil rig camps to tasting fine wine and food as the web manager for Calgary’s Kensington Wine Market. In 2008, I realized my childhood dream and became a professional photographer with a natural talent for food photography. My food & beverage photography has consistently been featured in Edible Vancouver & Wine Country Magazine.

Why photography?

My sister gave me a Canon rangefinder camera for my 16th birthday. It was a bit of a surprise, because I had never really shown any interest in photography before then. (I think she got a great sale price where she worked. ☺) And oh, how that gift changed my life! I started to take photos and get some great feedback. I realized I had a bit of a photographic eye, and I was hooked. I considered a career as a photographer… And then life took some turns. I fell in love, got married, had babies, went to university, got jobs, built a couple of businesses. You know how it goes. So photography became a hobby and a way to archive family history. And then, my hobby turned into a profession. I took the Photography Certificate training at SAIT and one of my instructors said, “You should make some money with your photography!” So I believed him, and I hung out my shingle as a professional brand photographer in 2008. Since then I have helped many business clients tell their brand stories in pictures.

Why travel?

Who doesn’t dream of travelling the world? So many places to see, so many adventures to take. When you’re a working mom, travel gets put on the back burner. And when your kids start to get more independent, doors start to open a bit and the travel dreams come to life. In 2016 I had the great fortune of travelling for 5 weeks throughout Europe. What a journey! And then I got to travel to 17 countries over 6 continents in 12 months during 2018 and 2019 with Remote Year. Those journeys changed my life just like owning my first camera did. They fueled a deep desire to travel more, to explore this amazing world, and to use my photographic eye and way with words to be a visual storyteller. Check out my travel photography services.
Barbara’s calm personality and professional eye, combined with her adventurous spirit, have made her an ideal fit for multiple ARDCorp photography projects. Her ability to keep the intended end use of the photos she captures in mind is not only appreciated, but it has made it challenging for us to select photos to use in advertising–there are so many good ones to choose from!
Cassy James

Program Coordinator, ARDCorp (BC Agricultural and Resource Development Corporation)

Want to journey with me?

I hung up my freelance commercial photographer shingle to become a food & travel photographer and blogger. Want to join me? You can check out my travel blog and watch as my travel stories unfold. Or sign-up to get notified when a new blog post is ready to read. You can also follow me on instagram:

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