Why professional photos are like blue jeans

Why professional photos are like blue jeans

Freelance Photography

The 16-headed jeans shopper

The other day I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. The retail shelves were filled with rows upon rows of jeans, in all different styles and prices. It was so hard to choose which pair of jeans would suit me best. So I said to the clerk, “I will just take all of the jeans home, try them all on for size, walk around a bit with them, work in them, and then I will pay you for the pair I like best. I might even pay for more than one pair.”

Well, you can only imagine that the clerk looked at me like I had 16 heads! (And probably would have called the police had I actually walked out with all of the products.)

The 16-headed image buyer

The other day I did a business photo shoot. I came back to my studio with about 1000 images on my camera card, all in different orientations and featuring different subjects. After hours of carefully selecting, I gave my client a proofing gallery of about 300 professional photos to choose from for the website they were building. They found it hard to choose which images suited their marketing needs best. So they said to me, “Just send all of the images from your camera, don’t worry if they aren’t edited. We will try them all out, post them online to see what reaction we get, and then we will pay you for the images that work best. We might even pay for a few more.”

Well, you can only imagine that I looked at my client like they had 16 heads! (Is there such a thing as the photography police?)

Jeans are a tangible product, and they are not free

Blue jeans area tangible thing. You can touch them, try them on for size, cut holes in them to be cool if you want to. And they went through a standard product production process to get to the retail shelves.

That standard product production process looks like this:

Creating professional photos follows a typical product lifecycle

source: By Freeformer at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Those who create blue jeans follow a product lifecycle management process that includes specific stages:

  1. Conceive: imagine, specify, plan
  2. Design: describe, define, develop, test, tool design
  3. Realize: manufacture, make, build, produce, deliver, market & sell
  4. Service: use, operate

Creating one pair or 100 pairs of blue jeans takes a huge amount of time, expertise, tools, equipment, technology, and resources. It’s no wonder they cost so much!

Professional photos are an intangible product, and they are not free

Digital images are not tangible, unless you print them (but who does that these days?). And they are everywhere! Millions and millions of images are posted on social media every day, it’s quite mind-boggling. And they are easily downloaded. So there is a collective consciousness now that images are free. And some are.

But those who create professional-quality images follow a very distinct process that mirrors that of a tangible product:

Creating professional photos follows a typical product lifecycle

  1. Conceive: along with a client, we imagine, specify, and plan the photography project requirements
  2. Design: the photographer organizes the tools needed to meet the requirements, and may have to rent or buy specific gear and accessories
  3. Realize: raw images are captured, culled, presented to the client for selection, then selections are produced/edited and delivered and sold
  4. Service: the client uses the images for their intended purpose, usually to market and sell their services

Creating one or 100 professional-quality digital images takes a huge amount of time, expertise, tools, equipment, technology and resources. It’s no wonder they are not free!

Image buyers and photographers unite!

Okay, so the jeans story isn’t true, but it’s a good way to start a rant, don’t you think? And my rant may seem only directed to image buyers, or clients. But alas, there are so many “hungry” photographers who are willing to give their work away for free, or almost free. Please stop. You not only hurt and de-value yourself, you damage the entire profession. By giving away your value, you promote the collective belief that digital images are somehow free.

You get what you pay for

In life, and in professional photography, you absolutely get what you pay for.

Free images? They may work in a pinch, but they likely won’t accurately reflect your business brand, your quality, your own carefully-crafted business culture or products and services.

On the other hand, when you pay a professional photographer for the value of the work they deliver, for the value of the time, expertise and tools they bring to the project, you will get quality imagery to accurately tell your business brand story. It’s not someone else’s story, or someone else’s blue jeans. It’s your story. Make sure it reflects the time, expertise and tools you have put into your business.

What tools will I use for your photography project?

Schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your business branding photography needs.

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Getting the Most out of Your Designs: Why Hiring a Professional Architecture Photographer is Necessary

Getting the Most out of Your Designs: Why Hiring a Professional Architecture Photographer is Necessary

Architecture Photography

Getting the Most out of Your Designs: Why Hiring a Professional Architecture Photographer is Necessary

By Rebecca Harrington |  Guest Blogger | August 3, 2017

Did You Know That Your Brain Plays Tricks on You?

Your brain can interpret and envision the world from many angles and what you see is actually your brain’s perception of the 3 dimensional world, rather than a tangible 2 dimensional image.

However, when a photo is taken of a building or a structure, it can only represent a 2 dimensional interpretation of an object, therefore the lines appear distorted when taken from the ground up. Special techniques often need to be used to ensure the image is visually appealing as well as an accurate representation of the structure. This is where hiring a professionally trained photographer proves valuable.

How to get the Best Photos of Your Designs

Architecture photographers specialize in the techniques, technology, and editing processes required to capture the true image of the structure without distortion. The two photos below were taken by Architecture Photographer Barbara Cameron (Barbara Cameron Pix). The one on the left is the original photograph as shot. The one on the right has been cleaned up to be visually appealing and marketable.


At first I didn’t notice the differences in the photos because they are so slight, but when I looked more closely, I noticed that the photo on the right has cleaner, horizontal and vertical lines on the window and doors, it’s cropped more tightly so as to eliminate the white wall that is somewhat distracting on the right edge of the left photo, and the colours are just slightly bolder to make the photo pop. The photo on the right is more worthy of a website or professional brochure.

Why Didn’t I Notice the Differences at First?

With an increase in digital photography among hobbyists and tourists, and the sharing of these photos on social media, we have actually become more accustomed to seeing the distorted lines and angles in photos of buildings and most people don’t give it a second thought when they see a photo of a building shot from the ground up. However as a professional architect or designer promoting your services, hiring a professional photographer ensures that the photos you use to represent your creations and services stand apart from the types of photos we see online every day.

Architecture and Interiors Photographers: What is the Difference?

In the industry, we hear the terms Architecture Photographer and Interiors Photographer and wonder what the difference is. The truth is, the terms are fairly interchangeable! “Architecture Photographers” are typically requested by architects, builders, developers, while “Interiors Photographers” are typically sought out by interior designers, stagers, realtors. With that said, when it comes to the equipment, training, and techniques used, the difference is minimal and often Architecture Photographers are adept at both interior and exterior photography.

Architecture photographers are trained specifically to capture your designs with high quality images that make your creations stand out with accurate perspectives.

Whether you need photos of an interior or exterior structure, an Architecture Photographer is trained to see, shoot, and edit your creation in a way that will be aesthetically pleasing and marketable.

View Barbara’s architecture & interiors photography here

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Learn how to take beverage photos like a pro

Learn how to take beverage photos like a pro

Airbnb Experience

Photographing Flavours, a new Airbnb Experience, launches in Vancouver

I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Airbnb to launch “Photographing Flavours Experience”. It’s a brand new initiative created by the fun folks at Airbnb and just launched in the Vancouver market today!

It all started in Barcelona for me…

Tapas bar in Barcelona, Spain by Barbara Cameron Pix

Tapas bar in Barcelona, Spain. Photo by Barbara Cameron Pix.

In 2016 I had the pleasure of travelling throughout Europe for 5 weeks. In many places I stayed in Airbnb accommodations. When I finished booking a spot in Barcelona, I was whisked to the website of another company that offered a whole bunch of very cool and interesting tours in the city, hosted by locals.

It intrigued me to see how many unique experiences there were to choose from, all off-the-beaten-tourist-track and all reasonably priced. It lodged in my mind as a very cool idea.

Back in Vancouver, early winter 2017…

I was planning my business strategies and goals for the coming year and recalled the local tours I had learned about in Europe. I thought to myself, “Hmmm, this idea should come to Canada and I can be the one to do it, starting in Vancouver!” So I contacted the company who managed the tour website, only to be informed that they had been bought by Airbnb. Interesting!

After a bit more research I learned that Airbnb Experiences had launched in select cities worldwide, and there were plans to bring the concept to Vancouver, Canada. Eureka! Since I had a history with Airbnb as a photographer, accommodation host and frequent guest, it didn’t take long for me to search and find the Experiences submission portal.

The brainstorming then began…

Initially I worked with two friends and colleagues, and we collectively submitted three different photography-related “experience” ideas to Airbnb. Two were approved and I was so excited!

Planning happened in earnest then, details organized, collaborators confirmed, test experiences done, and promotions created.

Fast forward to July, and long story short… I am hosting “Photographing Flavours” solo for now, and the second experience will launch sometime in the future.

What to expect with Photographing Flavours?

Participants in Photographing Flavours, an Airbnb Experience hosted by Barbara Cameron of Barbara Cameron Pix

Guests of the Airbnb Experience Photographing Flavours get instruction from Barbara Cameron, professional Vancouver food photographer. Photos for Airbnb by @timbarkerphoto

Have you ever wanted to take drool-worthy photos of food and beverages but didn’t know how? Are you using your smart phone in a dark restaurant to capture your next great meal or the cold craft brew that you can’t wait to taste?

Locals and travellers alike can join me on an experience through Vancouver’s East Village, to sip, style and shoot beverage photos like a pro.

Starting at @AgroRoasters, you will get some instruction on best practices for food styling and photography. Then we will shoot some drool-worthy photos before moving on to @AndinaBrewingCo and then to @OddSocietySpirits. You will also enjoy a complimentary beverage at each spot, and a walk through the East Village, a vintage neighbourhood with a progressive attitude.

Sip, style and shoot beverage photos like a pro

Your registration includes a complimentary beverage at each of three locations, instruction and critique by myself, a pro food photographer, and plenty of fun and laughter.

Many thanks to @AgroRoasters, @AndinaBrewingCo, and @OddSocietySprits for opening their doors and talents to the guests of #PhotographingFlavours

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One Simple Way to Increase Your Credibility Online

One Simple Way to Increase Your Credibility Online

Corporate Headshot Photography

What is Credibility?

Credibility means the quality of being trusted, of being convincing or believable.

When you present yourself and your brand to the world on social media platforms, the very first impression your future clients or employers get is from your profile image. Without even knowing it, those people judge your credibility in a swift second. One photo helps them decide if you are believable, or not.

Imagine You Are About To Launch a Business

You’ve got your startup product ready to launch. Check! You’ve perfected your pitch. Check! Now you’re ready to take it to the world.

But wait! Is that a selfie in your LinkedIn profile photo? What the heck? Where is your professional headshot?

Why Does a Professional Headshot Matter?

Portraying yourself as a surfer dude with a selfie on the beach works fine if you sell surfboards in an independent board shop by the beach. Sure, someone might see this shot and I think, “Yes, he’s a surfer, I can trust that he knows what surfboard to sell me.”

But let’s pretend I’m an executive buyer, with a global firm and you’ve scheduled a pitch meeting with me. You’re ready to launch the next-wave of surfboards that you’ve spent months or years perfecting. Of course I’m going to do a bit of due diligence research before we meet.

I see your selfie and think, “Hmmm, he’s a surfer dude, I’m not sure I can trust that he will have the business chops or work ethic I’m looking for in collaborators”. And you find yourself confused as to why your pitch meeting got cancelled and now you can’t get through the gatekeeper.

Become More Credible in 7 Days

Day 1: You book a photo session, and get some coaching from the professional photographer on how to prepare for it (hydrate yourself, iron your clothing, etc.)

Day 3: Your session goes smoothly, because you have a pro behind the camera.

Day 4 & 5: Within 24 hours you view some proofs sent over from the photographer, and you think, “They all look so awesome! I don’t know which one to choose!” but with a little professional opinion, and maybe some feedback from your Mom, you select the one image that is going to portray your professional image.

Day 6: The photographer weaves a bit of professional magic to even out skin tones, remove those pesky stray hairs that fell into your twinkling eyes, and make your pressed white shirt as white as white can be.

Day 7: You get a set of digital headshot files, each one sized for the social media platform you need it for, and voila! Your professional credibility just skyrocketed… and you nail the next pitch!

It seems like a minor detail but having a professional headshot on your profile, over a selfie, can increase your credibility online by up to 50%. Professional headshots are cleaner and higher quality. You are often dressed and groomed more professionally for it, but they can still show your winning personality.

If you would like to increase your credibility in 7 days, contact me!


View sample professional headshots here

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Professional headshot photos generate leads

Professional headshot photos generate leads


Are you the face of your brand?

Trying to find stats about how many millions or billions of photos are uploaded online every day is a bit like chasing a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It’s constantly on the move. But let’s state the obvious… we live in a visual world!

And in that visual world, your brand has to look great… on your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook business page, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, business card, company brochures, company ad on a billboard… everywhere that your brand shows up, and that means a lot of platforms.

A professional headshot establishes credibility and trust

What image do you want to portray to your future clients? Is your cellphone “selfie” sending the right message to your prospects? Does it say, “Hey, I provide quality products & services, you can trust me to meet your needs”?

Or does a professional headshot photo do a better job of telling your brand story? Of establishing credibility and trust before your future clients connect, of attracting interest—and leads—so you can do the business you are passionate about.

I think the answer is obvious. What do you think?

Thanks to Lance Pizzariello of DST Consulting Engineers for taking the leap from selfie to professional headshot, and for letting me show you the difference.


View sample corporate headshots here

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