About Barb

I am a pro photographer and visual storyteller with a passion for business and photography.

My specialties include food & beverage photography, architecture & interiors photography, corporate headshots and environmental portraiture. But no matter what the subject matter or industry, I love to help my business clients tell their brand stories in pictures.

"It was a pleasure working with Barbara Cameron who seemed to have all the answers to our photography questions related to e-commerce product images for our online website. She gave our team an amazing tutorial which helped with our in-house photography. She basically gave us a full course in photography in just 1 day and made it quite enjoyable as well. From training us on lighting, camera details and editing the raw images on Adobe Lightroom, it was a flawless process. Her expertise on e-commerce product photos was outstanding and we are glad that we had a chance to work with Barbara and will continue to do so in the near future. I would highly recommend her as she made it so easy for us to go through the process and successfully complete our project."

Nickie M.


FOOD has been central to my life from an early age.

I fell in love with food when I started cooking family dinners at 11 years old. During my teenage years and into my business career, I explored the culinary world from cooking gigs in oil rig camps to tasting fine wine and food as the web manager for Calgary’s Kensington Wine Market.

In 2008, I realized my childhood dream and became a professional photographer with a natural talent for food photography.

My food & beverage photography has consistently been featured in Edible Vancouver & Wine Country Magazine.

I have a thing for ARCHITECTURE and am developing a photography niche here.

I’ve  always had an eye for creative construction design and details. Maybe I was an interior designer or builder in another life? My intention is to change your experience of architecture by showing you the beauty I see and feel with my photographer’s instinct.

I am a self-confessed reluctant marketer.

I know how challenging it is to constantly feed the digital marketing machine. You need high-quality visual content for your social media marketing, and I want to help you do that quickly and easily. So I offer my expertise to instruct you in “do-it-yourself” photography. It’s something new for me, and I hope you take advantage of it. Visual content management can be easy if you know how to do it.

Attention to detail

You’ll be surprised at the stories those details tell.

Customer service

Your satisfaction is my main concern.

Art & science

Benefit from my creative eye & tech savvy.

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