Getting the Most out of Your Designs: Why Hiring a Professional Architecture Photographer is Necessary

By Rebecca Harrington | A Guest Blogger | August 3, 2017

Did You Know That Your Brain Plays Tricks on You?

Your brain can interpret and envision the world from many angles and what you see is actually your brain’s perception of the 3 dimensional world, rather than a tangible 2 dimensional image.

However, when a photo is taken of a building or a structure, it can only represent a 2 dimensional interpretation of an object, therefore the lines appear distorted when taken from the ground up. Special techniques often need to be used to ensure the image is visually appealing as well as an accurate representation of the structure. This is where hiring a professionally trained photographer proves valuable.

How to get the Best Photos of Your Designs

Architecture photographers specialize in the techniques, technology, and editing processes required to capture the true image of the structure without distortion. The two photos below were taken by Architecture Photographer Barbara Cameron (Barbara Cameron Pix). The one on the left is the original photograph as shot. The one on the right has been cleaned up to be visually appealing and marketable.


At first I didn’t notice the differences in the photos because they are so slight, but when I looked more closely, I noticed that the photo on the right has cleaner, horizontal and vertical lines on the window and doors, it’s cropped more tightly so as to eliminate the white wall that is somewhat distracting on the right edge of the left photo, and the colours are just slightly bolder to make the photo pop. The photo on the right is more worthy of a website or professional brochure.

Why Didn’t I Notice the Differences at First?

With an increase in digital photography among hobbyists and tourists, and the sharing of these photos on social media, we have actually become more accustomed to seeing the distorted lines and angles in photos of buildings and most people don’t give it a second thought when they see a photo of a building shot from the ground up. However as a professional architect or designer promoting your services, hiring a professional photographer ensures that the photos you use to represent your creations and services stand apart from the types of photos we see online every day.

Architecture and Interiors Photographers: What is the Difference?

In the industry, we hear the terms Architecture Photographer and Interiors Photographer and wonder what the difference is. The truth is, the terms are fairly interchangeable! “Architecture Photographers” are typically requested by architects, builders, developers, while “Interiors Photographers” are typically sought out by interior designers, stagers, realtors. With that said, when it comes to the equipment, training, and techniques used, the difference is minimal and often Architecture Photographers are adept at both interior and exterior photography.

Architecture photographers are trained specifically to capture your designs with high quality images that make your creations stand out with accurate perspectives.

Whether you need photos of an interior or exterior structure, an Architecture Photographer is trained to see, shoot, and edit your creation in a way that will be aesthetically pleasing and marketable.

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