Are you the face of your brand?

Trying to find stats about how many millions or billions of photos are uploaded online every day is a bit like chasing a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It’s constantly on the move. But let’s state the obvious… we live in a visual world!

And in that visual world, your brand has to look great… on your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook business page, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, business card, company brochures, company ad on a billboard… everywhere that your brand shows up, and that means a lot of platforms.

A professional headshot establishes credibility and trust

What image do you want to portray to your future clients? Is your cellphone “selfie” sending the right message to your prospects? Does it say, “Hey, I provide quality products & services, you can trust me to meet your needs”?

Or does a professional headshot photo do a better job of telling your brand story? Of establishing credibility and trust before your future clients connect, of attracting interest””and leads””so you can do the business you are passionate about.

I think the answer is obvious. What do you think?

Thanks to Lance Pizzariello of DST Consulting Engineers for taking the leap from selfie to professional headshot, and for letting me show you the difference.


View sample corporate headshots here

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