What is Credibility?

Credibility means the quality of being trusted, of being convincing or believable.

When you present yourself and your brand to the world on social media platforms, the very first impression your future clients or employers get is from your profile image. Without even knowing it, those people judge your credibility in a swift second. One photo helps them decide if you are believable, or not.

Imagine You Are About To Launch a Business

You’ve got your startup product ready to launch. Check! You’ve perfected your pitch. Check! Now you’re ready to take it to the world.

But wait! Is that a selfie in your LinkedIn profile photo? What the heck? Where is your professional headshot?

Why Does a Professional Headshot Matter?

Portraying yourself as a surfer dude with a selfie on the beach works fine if you sell surfboards in an independent board shop by the beach. Sure, someone might see this shot and I think, “Yes, he’s a surfer, I can trust that he knows what surfboard to sell me.”

But let’s pretend I’m an executive buyer, with a global firm and you’ve scheduled a pitch meeting with me. You’re ready to launch the next-wave of surfboards that you’ve spent months or years perfecting. Of course I’m going to do a bit of due diligence research before we meet.

I see your selfie and think, “Hmmm, he’s a surfer dude, I’m not sure I can trust that he will have the business chops or work ethic I’m looking for in collaborators”. And you find yourself confused as to why your pitch meeting got cancelled and now you can’t get through the gatekeeper.

Become More Credible in 7 Days

Day 1: You book a photo session, and get some coaching from the professional photographer on how to prepare for it (hydrate yourself, iron your clothing, etc.)

Day 3: Your session goes smoothly, because you have a pro behind the camera.

Day 4 & 5: Within 24 hours you view some proofs sent over from the photographer, and you think, “They all look so awesome! I don’t know which one to choose!” but with a little professional opinion, and maybe some feedback from your Mom, you select the one image that is going to portray your professional image.

Day 6: The photographer weaves a bit of professional magic to even out skin tones, remove those pesky stray hairs that fell into your twinkling eyes, and make your pressed white shirt as white as white can be.

Day 7: You get a set of digital headshot files, each one sized for the social media platform you need it for, and voila! Your professional credibility just skyrocketed… and you nail the next pitch!

It seems like a minor detail but having a professional headshot on your profile, over a selfie, can increase your credibility online by up to 50%. Professional headshots are cleaner and higher quality. You are often dressed and groomed more professionally for it, but they can still show your winning personality.

If you would like to increase your credibility in 7 days, contact me!


View sample professional headshots here

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